Parties backing Brexit win European election count in Rugby

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Rugbeians have voted overwhelmingly for parties backing Brexit in the European elections, with the Brexit Party receiving the most support.

In 2016, 56.7 per cent of Rugbeians who responded to the referendum voted to leave the EU, and the results of May's European elections appear to suggest that many in the borough are still backing Brexit.

For the European elections, Rugby falls under the West Midlands - a constituency which allows for seven MEPs.

In Rugby Borough, the Brexit party received the most votes (12,211), and the Lib Dems, who back remain, came second with 6,255 votes.

Across the West Midlands the Brexit Party received 507,152 votes, and Labour came second with 228,298 votes.

The Brexit Party has stood on a platform of a 'fast Brexit', stating they wish for the UK to leave the EU by the end of October, and if a deal cannot be reached in time then they advocate leaving with 'no deal', on World Trade Organisation (WTO) terms.

The votes in full for Rugby are below:

Have stated they would advocate a 'hard' or 'no-deal' Brexit

Brexit Party 10,987

UKIP 1,224

Total 12,211

Backing Brexit with some kind of deal

Conservative 3,330

Labour 2,937

Total 6,267

Remain or a second referendum

Change UK 1,075

Green 3,140

Lib Dem 6,255

Total 10,470

Taking all the votes in Rugby for the parties which advocate some form of Brexit gives 18,478 - against 10,470 votes for the parties backing remain or a second referendum.

The MEPs elected for the West Midlands are:

Brexit Party

Rupert Lowe

Martin Daubney

Andrew Keer

Lib Dem

Roger Bennion


Neena Gill


Eleanor Chowns


Anthea McIntyre