Plan could see Rugby's Avon Mill Inn demolished and a drive through coffee shop built on the site

Planning permission is being sought to demolish the derelict Avon Mill pub and build 167 square metre drive through coffee shop.

The Newbold Road pub closed in 2017 after landlord Mac McKenzie left, stating he could no longer afford to keep going owing to a lack of custom and ‘unfair’ rates from breweries.

An overall view of how the shop could look.

An overall view of how the shop could look.

No replacement for Mr McKenzie has been found and several fires have left the building, sited next to the Avon Mill roundabout, damaged.

The application to build the shop was received by Rugby council on May 13, with councillors, residents and various council departments now being asked to give their feedback on the plan as part of a consultation set to end on August 1.

Although there is no confirmation as to what brand the shop would be, the planning documents show Starbucks signage and the agent, Queensway Retail Estates Limited, already runs 13 branches of Starbucks in the UK.

Planning documents state that the coffee shop would create 20 full and part-time positions which would be accessible to residents and would help to ensure a range of people, some with family commitments and limited hours to spare, and particularly young people, are included in the labour market.

A partial view of how the shop could look from the front.

A partial view of how the shop could look from the front.

Addressing how the development might affect traffic in the area, the planning documents state: "Unlike visitors to public houses, few people make specific trips to coffee shops, so that most vehicles arriving will already be on the network.

"A Transport Statement submitted with the application concludes that traffic impact on the local highway network will therefore be limited and spread across more of the day than the public house.

"It also finds the existing site access is safe and has capacity for the slight increase."

This comes as the county council moves further towards work on improvement work to the Avon Mill Roundabout - which has been identified as a key bottleneck in during the rush hour and for Saturday shoppers.

How the shop could look from the side.

How the shop could look from the side.

The work, which could be completed by 2025, would see the existing roundabout enlarged with a new one being built at the Newbold Road/Hunters Lane junction.

A new road bridge over the River Avon would create a short dual carriageway between the two roundabouts. And a bridge for pedestrians and cyclists would also be built.

The developers proposing the coffee shop state that the shop would be built in a way which would be compatible with future improvements to nearby roads.

For more information, visit Rugby council's planning portal and search for reference R19/0777.