Protest against Boris Johnson's shutting down of Parliament planned outside Rugby Town Hall

Rugby's town hall, file image.
Rugby's town hall, file image.

A protest against the Prime Minister's shutting down of Parliament is planned outside Rugby's Town Hall this evening, August 29.

Rugby Labour's Beck Hemsley has set up a Facebook page for the event, which they hope will bring people from different parties and groups together to protest.

Being held from 6pm to 7.30pm, the protest follows a wave of demonstrations across the country against the move to shut down Parliament from mid-September to mid-October.

Beck said: "Many people from all parties and those of no party have been struck with outrage, anguish, and frustration at this latest move by Boris Johnson.

"An unelected Prime Minister preventing Parliament from debating on such a momentous moment as Brexit is an absolute affront to our constitution.

"Even many in his cabinet have previously made statements that this would be an unacceptable course of action, and yet here we are.

"We cannot stand by and watch the foundations of our democracy be run roughshod over.

"While our small protest in Rugby might not be heard by those in power, the hundreds taking place all over the country must collectively be making a statement."

Click here to view the event page.

The protest comes as Rugby Labour's prospective parliamentary candidate calls on Rugby MP Mark Pawsey to condemn Boris Johnson's shutting down of Parliament, branding it a 'cynical misuse of power'.