Residents' anger after group of school pupils burn books and dump rubbish at Rugby's St Andrew's club grounds

Fire fighters had to rush to the field to stop the book burning

Tuesday, 1st June 2021, 4:27 pm
The fire service had to rush to the grounds to extinguish burning school books. Photo: Rugby Fire Station, Facebook.

A group of school pupils has angered residents after deciding to celebrate the end of the academic year by burning books and dumping heaps of rubbish at the St Andrew's Rugby Club grounds.

The group, which perhaps failed to see the irony in celebrating getting through another year of education by burning books, was criticised on May 29 when fire fighters had to rush to the club grounds to put out the piles of flaming school books.

A spokesperson for the fire service said: "Whilst we can all appreciate how exciting it is to be leaving school and moving on to new things, maybe leaving this for Red Watch to put out on St Andrew's rugby fields isn't the best way to celebrate."

A resident submitted these photos, showing some of the aftermath of the festivities.

In response to seeing one of the charred books being from English lessons, the spokesperson added: "We are sure the teacher's English classes were not deserving of having his books set alight."

And this morning, June 1, a resident contacted the Advertiser to share their anger at the aftermath of the festivities - with heaps of dumped rubbish and scorch marks still left all over the field.

The resident said: "This is the scene of Rugby St Andrew's field this morning after school children had a mass gathering on the field.

"The rubbish is scattered all over the field, despite efforts by some residents to clear it.

"As well as the rubbish, several fires were started leaving the grass scorched.

"Many residents are asking why the gathering was allowed to take place and why the rubbish has been left the entire weekend and is still there now."

UPDATE: The Advertiser has been told that this afternoon, June 1, another large group of teenagers has gathered at the field - although the mess from the previous merriment appears to have been cleared.