Rugbeian organises 'Menopause Cafe' to break down taboo and increase awareness - and you're invited to come along

Rugby's first 'Menopause Cafe', aiming at breaking the taboo and bringing more awareness of the impact of menopause, was held on Saturday, January 25.

Wednesday, 29th January 2020, 10:56 am
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The meeting was held at CV22 on Lawrence Sheriff Street.

Women came together to chat about the symptoms of the menopause, discussing how it is affecting their mind, body, relationships and work.

Following the World’s first Menopause Cafe, held in Perth, Scotland in 2017, several Menopause Cafes have been organised in the UK, including in some workplaces.

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Samantha Lee, who organised the Rugby's Menopause Cafe, said: “It was a great turnout and encouraging to see ladies chatting openly about menopause.

"We had some great conversations about difficulties in the workplace, HRT and the current supply shortage, as well as exercise and mental health."

Lecturer and counsellor Rachel Weiss, who founded Menopause Cafe, said: “The Menopause Cafe is aimed at women and men of all ages who would like to come along and talk about the menopause, to share their stories, experiences and questions, all made that little bit easier with tea and cake.

“Unfortunately, many women feel that they should just ‘get on with’ the menopause, with some never talking to their friends or family about it, but the reality is that it

affects all women, not forgetting those who live and work with them.

"People can come along and just listen, or join in on the discussions, hopefully leaving with a clearer sense of the impact of the menopause on those who are experiencing it,

alongside their families, friends and colleagues.”

Samantha urged women in their thirties and forties to consider coming along too.

She said: “You’re never too young to learn about menopause and communication plays a key role.

"Speak to your mum and ask what age she was when she went through the menopause.

"The average age is 51, but if your mother was a lot younger than this there is a very good chance that you will go through it at a younger age too, be prepared."

The next Rugby Menopause Café is set to happen in March.

To learn more, visit or email [email protected]