Rugby council and community step in to help family left with almost nothing after their house collapsed

Reader submitted photo.
Reader submitted photo.

Rugby council and the community is stepping in to help the family who have been left with little more than the clothes they are wearing after their house collapsed yesterday, September 10.

The family have been left in temporary accommodation with virtually no possessions following the partial collapse of their Claremont Road home - which destroyed two children's bedrooms and the kitchen.

Rugby council has stepped in to help the family, offering them either B&B accommodation or self-contained accommodation.

The family is yet to decide which to take, but New Bilton councillor Barbara Brown said if the family chooses self-contained accommodation she and her colleagues will do everything they can to rally community groups and volunteers to help the family furnish the accommodation.

Cllr Brown said: "B&B accommodation is great for emergencies, but the family were settled in their home and they may be more comfortable in self-contained accommodation, where they can come and go as they like.

"Councillor Jim Ellis is speaking with the family now, and we will be ringing round local groups and charities to see who can help."

Jim Ellis told the Advertiser that councillors Jim Shera and Tom Mahoney are the point of contact and they are helping and advising the family.

A fundraising page set up for the family has already raised hundreds of pounds, and Cllr Brown has praised the community coming together to take swift action to help.

She said: "I'm not going to be Pollyanna and say 'everything is wonderful' - Rugby has its problems like every other town.

"But there are some really good people here - Rugby is quite remarkable in that, when something like this happens, the community very quickly comes together to help."

Click here to learn more about the fundraising page.

Building control officers have launched an investigation into the possible cause of the collapse, click here to learn more.