Rugby Labour's MP candidate calls on Rugby MP Mark Pawsey to 'condemn Boris Johnson’s prorogation in the strongest terms'

Dr Bannigan.
Dr Bannigan.

Rugby Labour's prospective parliamentary candidate has called on Rugby MP Mark Pawsey to condemn Boris Johnson's shutting down of Parliament, branding it a 'cynical misuse of power'.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson said his proroguing of Parliament, approved by the Queen yesterday, has been done to “bring forward a new bold and ambitious domestic legislative agenda for the renewal of our country after Brexit."

But the move has outraged critics - who suggest that shutting down Parliament from mid-September to mid-October has been done to prevent MPs from being able to thwart a no-deal Brexit.

Dr Debbie Bannigan of Rugby Labour said: “Whether we voted leave or remain, Boris Johnson’s prorogation of Parliament at this critical moment in our nation’s history is a direct attack on our civil rights.

"No matter how much the Tory talking heads try to normalise it, the British people know this is a cynical misuse of power, to avoid Parliament exercising its sovereignty. The sovereignty that we were told we would reclaim through Brexit.

"At a time when our elected MPs should be standing up for their constituents, they have been silenced.

"This is serious stuff.

"200 years after the Peterloo Massacre, just over 90 years since women won the right to vote and on the 56th anniversary of Martin Luther King’s ‘I Have a Dream’ speech, we shouldn’t make the mistake of believing that our rights are ‘nailed on’.

"That’s why I’m calling on Mark Pawsey to condemn Boris Johnson’s prorogation in the strongest terms and join with parliamentarians across all parties to prevent a disastrous no-deal Brexit, then give the people of the UK back their democratic voice by supporting Labour’s call for a General Election."

UPDATE: Mr Pawsey has issued a statement outlining his position on the Prime Minister's suspension of Parliament.