Video: Watch Rugby's amazing motor racing toddler who is flying over ramps at the age of just two

His online videos show just how talented young Harley is - and now he has his own social media channels

Monday, 24th May 2021, 5:47 pm
Rugby's amazing racing toddler Harley Beckett.

He was riding bikes not long after he learnt to walk - and since then he has never looked back.

Now Rugby s amazing toddler Harley Beckett is taking on the ramps and speeding past much older riders while still in nappies.

His parents Rohan and Billy, of Long Lawford, have set up social media channels for the youngster and said the feedback has been great.

Rohan said: "At first some people said to us that he seems a bit too young to be doing that but but when they see him riding they realise his ability.

"But he is very safety conscious. He has a good look at ramps beforehand and if he thinks he can't do it, he won't.

"He can get frustrated as he tends to be pushed into the baby tracks at first. But when he gets on the older tracks, he is often faster then the older kids!"

Watch a video of Harley in action on his bike and on his mini motorbike.

Rugby's amazing racing toddler Harley Beckett

Harley's amazing two-wheeled adventure started when he was very young.

"At first Harley didn't sleep very well - he was awake every hour," said Rohan.

"Then just after he started walking at 11 months, a friend of ours got him a balance bike so we took him out on that during lockdown and he loved it - and that night he slept!

"He quickly progressed on his Strider balance bike and soon enough he was out on it every day. By the time he was 18 months he started taking it to the skate park."

Rugby's amazing racing toddler Harley Beckett

By 19 months old he got a Revvi bike, an electric bike which can go about walking speed.

And in no time at all, he started jumping from the kerbs - and then the ramps.

By the time he got a Kuberg bike at the age of two, he has made a big impression - so much so that both Revvi and Kuberg signed him up and now sponsor him to ride their bikes!

Now you can spot him on local BMX tracks and skate parks, as well as other tracks around the Midlands.

Rugby's amazing racing toddler Harley Beckett in action.

"He is really keen to get more kids doing this so he can have more children his age to enjoy it with," said Rohan.

"We get loads of supportive comments and messages on his social media channels and he loves all the praise he gets."

Motorbikes run in the family and Rohan and Billy have already sold seven of their bikes to fund Harley's equipment. So far, he has PW50, Oset mx10, Redline micro mini 18inch race bmx, Early Rider Seeker 14inch, Kuberg Start, Cult Juvenile 12inch, Revvi 12inch - and of course his Strider balance bike!

Rohan said: "We aren’t rich by any means, we sold all of our motorbikes to fund his bike collection and we’re also very thankful to have companies like Ride Shop Coventry, Revvi and Kuberg that help us out as it does make a big difference."

Harley now has his own social media channels:

- Instagram and TikTok: @little_rockstar_harley

Rugby's amazing racing toddler Harley Beckett

- Facebook and YouTube: little rockstar Harley

Harley's amazing bike progression:

- He learned to walk at 11 months old, then got into riding along on a ‘scuttle bug’

- Strider balance bike - 13/14 months old around the house, 15 months taking it to the park and 18 months old at the skate park

- Revvi 12inch - 19 months old on the slow setting, 20 months old on the fast setting, 24 months old with motor upgrade

- Cult juvenile 12inch - 24 months old, learned to pedal independently at 25 months old. Riding at skate parks and pump tracks confidently a few days after learning to pedal.

- Kuberg Start - 25 months old

- Early Rider Seeker 14inch - rode the blue route at Hicks Lodge at 26 months old.

- Redline micro mini 18inch race bmx - riding at BMX tracks at 26 months old

- Oset mx10 - riding at motocross tracks at 29 months old

- PW50 - riding at LDR Oset academy and VIP motocross at 30 months old