Perspiration problems leads to business venture for father and daughter

Zoe and Ron Myers
Zoe and Ron Myers

A woman who suffered from excessive perspiration has become a practitioner to deliver the treatment that changed her life after her dad was so impressed by it.

Alongside three per cent of the world’s population, Zoe Myers had suffered from hyperhidrosis since she was a teenager, and finally decided that enough was enough - and she turned to her dad for help.

Her father, Midlands-based aesthetics industry expert and entrepreneur, Ron Myers, travelled to the US in search of a cure for his daughter struggle with hyperhidrosis.

They travelled to Santa Clara, California and visited Miramar Labs, a privately owned medical device company dedicated to launching the next generation energy modality to treat dermatalogic medical conditions.

Miramar Labs was founded around ten years ago and 2011 saw them develop the FDA-approved miraDry for the treatment of excessive underarm sweat.

The treatment uses proven electromagnetic energy to target the sweat glands so that they are eliminated, and underarm sweating is permanently reduced or even stopped.

The treatment was so successful for Zoe that Ron decided to bring the product exclusively to the UK and set up miraDry UK.

Zoe has recently become a qualified medical practitioner and now treats others personally with the miraDry procedure.

Zoe said: “The day after the treatment, I just stopped sweating, it has been amazing!

“I feel more confident and I am a happier person. I would recommend miraDry to anyone who suffers from excessive underarm sweat.”

The miraDry treatment is a non-invasive process that can be completed in the clinic in around one hour, with a full recovery within 10 days.

MiraDry is distributed exclusively in the UK on behalf of Miramar Labs, Inc. by miraDry UK who are based at Sir Frank Whittle Business Centre, Great Central Way, Butlers Leap, Rugby.

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