Peter hits milestone in Rugby to Land’s End Challenge to help Warwickshire Young Carers

Peter Blay.
Peter Blay.

Fundraiser Peter Blay has hit a major milestone in his Rugby to Land’s End Challenge.

The director of Rugby’s QEH Systems Limited passed the halfway point last week.

He started his challenge in January aiming to complete the QEH500 - running 500km, which is the equivalent of Rugby to Land’s End.

The current total of 260km puts Peter in a virtual location of just outside Taunton on the M5 heading south.

Peter has broken down the challenge to spread it across the year, averaging 10Km per week.

He has been running mainly on the treadmill at the gym , but has also taken part in several Park Runs at Coventry Memorial Park with up to 600 other runners.

Fundraising has also come on at a pace, with £855 of the £1,000 target raised so far with donations from QEH Systems’ customers and Peter’s friends and family.

The challenge is raising money for the Warwickshire Young Carers’ project through the QEH500 page at All the money raised will be allocated to Rugby based activities.

Regular updates of Peter’s progress will be posted on