PETROL PRICES: Rugby motorists are filling up out of town where it costs 5p less

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FED-UP Rugby drivers angry at being ‘ripped off’ at petrol stations in town have prompted calls for an investigation into fuel prices.

Rugby MP Mark Pawsey has joined more than 60 other MPs in signing a Commons motion calling on the Prime Minister to strengthen the regulation of the oil market. The group is demanding an investigation by the Office of Fair Trading into fuel costs.

Mr Pawsey said: “My constituents want to know why fuel prices vary so sharply not only across the country but also from town to neighbouring town.

“Many of my constituents have contacted me pointing out that fuel costs in other local areas were significantly cheaper than in Rugby. This is one of a number of reasons that we need an investigation into this issue.

“I would like to see a balanced and fair approach by the oil companies to ensure families are not being unfairly charged for petrol.”

Yesterday (Wednesday) a litre of unleaded petrol at Sainsbury’s in Rugby cost 130.9p, while Tesco charged 131.9p. In comparison, the price at Sainsbury’s in Coventry was 127.9p, while the same company in Warwick charged 126.9p and 125.9p in Fosse Park. Tesco in Warwick charged 128.9p and Asda in Leamington 127.7p.

Advertiser reader Owen Richards said: “What’s to investigate?

“We are being ripped off by the petrol companies because they can do it.”

Other readers say they fill up out of town because it’s so much more expensive.

Scott Saunders said: “They do seem very high in Rugby and it’s like they are inflated for no reason.”

Tesco claim it has a regional pricing policy where prices are set competitively for the catchment area.

A spokesman for Sainsbury’s said: “ We review our petrol and diesel prices regularly to ensure we always provide customers with great value.

“We compete with thousands of petrol stations around Britain and we regularly check our prices against those of our competitors as our priority is always to deliver the best prices for our customers.”