Photo special: ‘Rugbeards’ project captures bearded men with flowers to raise money for Rugby charities

Dashing men are filling their beards with flowers in a bid to raise money for two charities at a Rugby photo exhibition.

The initiative - named Rugbeards - was put together by Simon Ainley, owner of Garden Gate Flowers, Matt Robinson, owner of award-winning barbershop Mister Robinsons, and photographer Jamie Gray.



Photos of bearded men decorated with flowers will be taken at iconic locations around the borough, such as Rugby School, and the final prints will be on display at an exhibition at Garden Gate.

Simon Ainley said: “These stylish, witty and striking images are intended to draw attention to the extraordinary range of stunning locations around Rugby Town as well as the underlying spirit of the town.

“This spirit created the modern game of Rugby Union, produced literary masterpieces like Alice In Wonderland and the poetry of Rupert Brooke, as well as the invention of the Jet engine, and it lives on in this unique collaboration of three local cutting-edge businesses.”

It is hoped that the project will raise a significant amount of money for two Rugby charities - Hope 4, which supports the homeless and badly-housed in Rugby, and the Matt Hampson Foundation - inspiring and supporting young people seriously injured through sport.

Prints of the images will be on sale, a modest donation will be requested to see the exhibition and general donations will be invited to a Just Giving page that is being set up.

There is a ‘Rugbeards’ Facebook page where those exploring their own floral beard art will be encouraged to post their comments and pictures, as well as an Instagram page capturing the story of the project.

All relevant images should be tagged #Rugbeards