Pizza action: Advertiser team takes on tough task of taste testing takeaways

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The Advertiser has a proud tradition of keeping the town informed about the great matters of the day.

And following developments in the past few months, we felt it our duty to answer a question we’ve all (well, some of us) asked ourselves: which big-name takeaway does the best pizza in Rugby?

For years, Domino’s in North Street had few rivals. But Papa John’s opened in Church Street in May, and Pizza Hut in Regent Street added to the competition last month.

So, in the name of public service, we decided to put them all to the test.

We bought one pizza from each outlet, and rated each on four criteria - the base, the sauce, the topping, and value for money - giving marks out of five for each category.

Pedants may quibble with the fact that we chose different toppings for each - ‘how can you compare a Hawaiian BBQ Chicken with a Vegetarian Supreme?’, they could argue - but we were keen to assess a variety of ingredients to provide a comprehensive judgement. Other than that, our investigation was conducted with impeccable scientific rigour.

Unlike some delivery men, we won’t keep you waiting any longer.

Here are our findings...


Slogan: Make It Great

Variety chosen: Create Your Own (choice of four toppings) with mozzarella, crispy bacon, ham and mixed peppers

Price: £7.99 (large - on offer)

Lucie Alice Peter

Base 5 4 3

Sauce 4 3 4

Topping 4 4 4

VFM 5 5 4

Overall score: 49/60 (WINNER)


Lucie: Beautiful base, with lots of tangy sauce, but not so much that it makes it sloppy. Clearly the best.

Alice: Really loaded with toppings, great flavours - the best.

Peter: Base could be crispier - it’s a bit thick - but generally satisfying.


Slogan: Take A Fresh Look

Variety chosen: Vegetarian Supreme

Price: £8.99 (medium)

Lucie Alice Peter

Base 3 3 4

Sauce 3 3 4

Topping 3 4 4

VFM 3 2 3

Overall score: 39/60


Lucie: Nice fresh feel with fresh ingredients

Alice: Really good toppings with tangy tomato sauce

Peter: Crispy base, tomatoes help it look and taste fresh


Slogan: Better Ingredients, Better Pizza

Variety chosen: Hawaiian BBQ Chicken

Price: £9.99 (medium)

Lucie Alice Peter

Base 2 3 3

Sauce 3 3 3

Topping 3 2 2

VFM 2 1 1

Overall score: 28/60


Lucie: Quite dry, but the flavour’s alright.

Alice: Not much chicken - roughly two bits per slice.

Peter: Slightly chewy base and the topping’s thin. Feels greasy.