Plan to get Rugby involved in the 2012 Olympics

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SPORTS clubs, community groups and arts organisations will be encouraged to help ensure Rugby makes the most of its connection with the Olympic Games next year.

Rugby Borough Council is changing the criteria for sports clubs, community groups and arts organisations applying for leisure grants in the hopes that it will bring the spirit of the games to the town and inspire people to run Olympic and Paralympic events.

The council is also hoping to promote Rugby’s link with the Olympic Games after Pierre De Coubertin - founder of the International Olympic Committee - visited the town several times during the 1880s as part of a fact finding mission, inspired by what he had heard of the town’s public school.

Caroline Johnson, the council’s sport and recreation manager, said: “Many local people may not be aware of the connection the town of Rugby has to the modern Olympic Games.”

She added that the Olympic torch may pass through the town and that the Rugby has been asked to host a travelling statue of Lady Godiva during Olympics fortnight.

A budget of £18,000 will be made available and groups can apply for funds to cover the costs of facilities, equipment, training, activity leaders, trophies/medals and transport costs.