Plans for BT mast site on the board two decades ago

BT Mast Site - Former article printed
BT Mast Site - Former article printed

PLANS to build new homes on the historic Rugby Radio Station site were first reported in the Advertiser more than 20 years ago.

A double-page spread in the August 16, 1990 edition outlined borough council plans to build on land next to the A5, which has been home to Rugby Radio Station since 1926.

Back then councillors decided housing should be considered on the site in the future, despite strong opposition.

Planning committee councillors met and decided to keep all the options open for future housing on the mast site and a number of other pieces of land in the town.

At the time, Cllr Alan Webb said: “I should like to see us looking more carefully at plans at the radio station.”

Clifton parish council was planning on holding an emergency meeting upon hearing about the plans, saying it was ‘vital’ to look at the proposals being put forward by developers.

Nearly 21 years later, plans for 6,200 new homes, four new schools and businesses are edging nearer. to becoming reality. Just as in the 90s, Clifton residents are fighting the plans which they claim will ruin the countryside and cause extra vehicles to pass through their village.