Plans to start charging for previously free care services in Warwickshire

The proposal includes the use of a means test
The proposal includes the use of a means test

Plans to start charging for previously free social care services are expected to be approved today (Thursday).

Warwickshire County Council’s Cabinet will meet at Shire Hall at 1.45pm to discuss the proposal to change charges for adult social care.

There will be a two-stage implementation process, if the proposal is approved.

This would mean an increase in some charges from January next year and then a further increase in April.

The proposal includes the use of a means test which adjusts the amount actually payable in regard to an individual’s ability to pay, in the same way as it is applied to existing services that are already chargeable.

There is currently no charge for the ‘take a break’ service, which is used by 31 people in Rugby.

But if the proposal goes ahead, customers would pay £7.75 per hour from January next year, and £15.54 per hour from April.

If the changes are approved, customers who would not be affected by the charges would be informed that their payments wouldn’t change, but would be told how they might be affected if their circumstances changed.

Those who would be affected by the changes would be given four weeks’ notice.

Reasons for changing the charges include “making charging more consistent and therefore more fair” and “supporting the adult social care budget by maximising the resources available to support all customers as a whole”.

Respite residential care, used by 98 people in Rugby, currently costs £51.80 per day, but would be charged at the actual daily rate with a £100 cap from January. From April, the charging cap would be removed and the service would be charged at full cost, if the changes are approved.

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