Police foil street race near Rugby by stopping 118 cars

The scene near the foiled road race
The scene near the foiled road race

Several roads were closed off by police as they thwarted a large car race that was due to take place on public roads.

Police were called last night (Sunday) to the DIRFT site off junction 18 of the M1 at Crick, where members of the public and people at the nearby Ibis hotel had spotted cars assembling on the northbound A5.

A total of 20 police officers attended and quickly closed off the roads around the cars thereby boxing them in, before taking down vehicle details.

There were so many cars - 118 in total - that the process took until 3.15am to complete.

A police spokesman said: "We were informed a street race was about to happen but our intervention stopped it from going ahead."

Police said they made no arrests as part of the operation and there were no injuries.