Police invitation to exhibition to learn about proposals for former police HQ in Leek Wootton

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MEMBERS of the public have been invited to attend an exhibition to learn about proposals for the future of the former Warwickshire Police headquarters at Leek Wootton.

Since announcing that the force planned to leave the Woodcote property Warwickshire Police Authority has received interest from developers specialising in retirement villages.

The authority has decided to submit a planning application to determine whether outline planning permission could be secured for this form of development, and details of the proposal will be on display at the exhibition.

If planning permission is granted for this form of development, and the site is subsequently acquired by a retirement village developer then full details will need to be submitted to Warwick District Council.

Oliver Winters, chief executive of Warwickshire Police Authority, said: “It should be recognised that this proposal is just one possibility for the future redevelopment of Woodcote.

“If, upon marketing, the preferred interest intends to develop the site for alternative proposals then it will be necessary for that interested party to obtain a new grant of planning permission.”

The exhibition is on Friday, July 29 from 3.30 to 7.30pm at Woodcote House, Leek Wootton.