Police praised for the success of Operation Laser

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WARWICKSHIRE Police Authority has praised the work of all those involved in Operation Laser, which resulted in the arrest of 20 people.

Police Authority Chair, Phil Robson, speaking about the arrests, the majority of which took place in Rugby, said: “Serious and organised crime affects ordinary people living in our local communities. The suppliers prey on those who become dependant on drugs, and in turn they turn to burgling the homes of innocent people, and stealing from their cars to raise the money they need to buy their drugs.

“The arrests this morning in Rugby give a clear message that Warwickshire Police will not stand by and let these criminals destroy people’s lives.

“I am also pleased to know that in making the arrests this morning, Warwickshire Police has already put in to place plans to ensure that those whose lives have already been blighted by drugs, will be able to get the support and treatment they need to get off drugs and break away from a cycle of crime.

“The police in Rugby have long had an excellent relationship, working closely with Rugby Borough Council, housing associations and the many specialist health and support agencies in the town.

“It is at times like this that the jigsaw fits together at its best for the benefit of everyone. The arrests this morning are only the beginning of a programme which we believe will result in reduced crime and an improved lifestyle for all.”