Police step up patrols in Rugby ready for ‘busiest weekend of the year’

Almost a third of all crime is alcohol-related
Almost a third of all crime is alcohol-related

Extra police officers will be on the streets this weekend to ensure revellers stay safe and enjoy themselves.

This weekend is expected to be the busiest of the year in the town centre.

The increased patrols form part of the force’s annual Christmas Presence campaign which aims to tackle problems of alcohol related violence on the streets over the Christmas period.

Almost a third of all violent crime in Warwickshire is alcohol related.

With extra people out celebrating in the run up to Christmas, officers are issuing a warning to anyone intent on causing trouble that they will not be welcome on the streets this weekend.

Detective Chief Insp Jennie Mattinson said: “Alcohol related violent crime traditionally goes up over the Christmas period. The vast majority of people can go out, have a few drinks and enjoy themselves. It is the minority that don’t know how to behave when they are drunk that ruin it for everyone else and it will be these people we will be targeting this weekend with increased patrols in the region.

“Being drunk is no excuse for becoming involved in violent crime. People need to take responsibility for their behaviour when they are drunk. People who can’t behave themselves know who they are and they can get help if they can’t change their drinking habits on their own.”