Police warn festival goers to stay safe and have a good time at Global Gathering

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EVENT organisers are working with police to ensure the safety of the 40,000 festival goers expected at this year’s dance ferstival.

Police hope the operation for the event in south Warwickshire, which runs from 10am on Friday through to 4pm on Sunday, will cause minimal disruption to local residents.

CI Chris Lewis who is managing the policing operation said: “We are already tweeting crime prevention advice and information via Twitter and other social networking sites to festival goers on how they can keep themselves and their valuables safe by for example leaving valuables at home or in the lockers provided on site during the weekend.

“We are also tweeting to warn people that pickpockets may target people in dance crowds to steal phones they have seen waved in the air. We want people to stay safe and have a good time and we hope this advice on Twitter @WarksPolice or the #Global11 tag will help.”

Whilst violence was low at Global last year with only ten offences, a total of 254 people were questioned in relation to drugs offences and drugs remain the greatest risk to people’s safety at this year’s event.

We aim to reduce the availability of drugs as it is not only illegal but drugs can be damaging for people’s health and career.

Kirsten Lord from Addaction said: “Not all legal highs are what they seem. Some may contain illegal substances without the buyer being aware. They have not all been fully tested and could do serious harm to your body.”

CI Lewis added: “Many legal highs contain illegal substances and will be seized by the police who need to test them to find out what they are. “

The organisers of Global are working with the police and will not allow anyone suspected of dealing drugs into Global. Last year eleven people were arrested on suspicion of dealing drugs at Global.

CI Lewis said: “We will be using passive drugs dogs to detect whether someone has been in contact with drugs as they queue to get in. If we believe they may have drugs on them, they will be searched and may be arrested.

“We will also be using ‘rummage’ dogs to search cars for drugs and are urging festival goers not to bring drugs and to use the ‘last chance’ bins to dispose of any illegal items before they get stopped by the police.”

To minimise disruption to local residents, a comprehensive traffic management plan has been developed by the event organisers, with signage on roads in the area directing those attending the festival to the site.

Non festival road users are advised to avoid the B4632 Stratford to Mickleton Road over the weekend and use an alternative route if at all possible.

All motorists using the B4632 should be aware of the extra possibility of pedestrians walking alongside the carriageway during the weekend.

An estimated 7000 vehicles, including private vehicles and shuttle buses from Stratford, will converge on Long Marston airfield on Friday, with 5000 vehicles also visiting the site on Saturday. Those attending the festival site are advised to plan their journey and be prepared for delays approaching the site.

An additional entrance to the site has been established approximately 100 yards from the main entrance on the B4632 Stratford to Mickleton Road, to ease congestion for those visiting the festival site.

Temporary traffic lights on the B4632 at the Long Marston airfield will be operating to assist traffic flow at the entrance points.