Police warning after homes targeted across Rugby

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HOMES have been targeted across town by thieves.

Between 8.30am and 5.30pm on Thursday, thieves forced entry into a house in Addison Road through the conservatory doors and searched the building.

Police believe they could have been searching for keys to the car parked outside.

On the same day, between 9am and 12.45pm, an attempt was made to enter a home through the kitchen window in David Road.

On Wednesday last week there was an attempted burglary of a garage in Campbell Street where the occupant disturbed men trying to force their way in. Police said the men ran away leaveing the occupant shaken and with a minor injury.

This incident was at around 7.45pm (July 11).

Rugby Town West Safer Neighbourhood Team are reminding people to remain vigilant.

Witnesses or anyone with information can call police in 101.