Police warning after spate of motorbike thefts in Rugby

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THIEVES have been targeting motorbikes parked outside homes in Rugby.

Following a spate of thefts of motorcycles and scooters in recent days police in Warwickshire are advising owners to take adequate care in keeping them safe.

In the past week around seven motorbikes have gone missing, the majority being stolen from outside their owners homes in Rugby, although thefts have occurred in other parts of the county as well.

Most of the bikes have been stolen overnight from driveways, front gardens and down the side of houses, where they have been parked up.

“We believe the bikes are simply being lifted up and put into the back of a van. With no evidence of broken chains or locks, we believe that in many cases the motorbikes and scooters have not been adequately secured, enabling the thieves to simply take them away.” Said Karl Faulkner, Priority Policing Inspector for Warwickshire.

“We urge anyone with a motorcycle or a scooter to make sure they secure it properly when they park their machine up. It is not enough just to immobilise the bike with a wheel lock, or a chain through the wheels. The bikes must be secured to an immoveable object, ideally a hardened metal hoop which is concreted into the ground for the bike to be chained to. Alternatively chain your bike to a post or other substantial object that cannot be easily cut through.

“If you have a garage or a shed, always make sure you put your motorbike away overnight. Specialised motorcycle alarms are also available, which alert the over if someone tampers with the machine.

“The secret is to make it difficult to steal your motorbike. If you employ a range of anti-theft devices the thieves are more likely to leave it alone.”

Anyone with any information about motorcycle theft, or anyone who sees anything suspicious near where they live is asked to contact Warwickshire Police on 01926 415000 or call the new non emergency number on 101.

If you see a crime in action dial 999.