POLICE WARNING: can burglars find out about your personal information from social networking sites this Christmas?

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WARWICKSHIRE Police would like to remind those using social networking sites not to post too much information about their movements and whereabouts this Christmas.

George Stepney, crime prevention manager at Warwickshire Police said: “Whilst we understand the popularity of social networking, posting when you’ll be away over the festive season or days when your property will be empty could be all the information an opportunist thief needs to burgle your home.

“Often the comments are innocent, made purely because people want to share what they are doing over Christmas and New Year with people they know.

“To help protect yourself and your property from this harm, please follow the below advice.”

*Check your privacy settings on social networking sites. Make sure the information you are posting can only be seen by friends and family, not strangers.

*Think – Are the people who have access to this information people you really know and trust? If not, remove their access.

*Remind children and young people in your household of the importance of the aforementioned points. How well do they know the people they have allowed access to their information? Have they met them before?

*Before you post an update think, does this information need to be seen by everyone who has access to your area? If not, consider a one to one form of communication.