Policing in place as revellers prepare for Bulldog Bash

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OFFICERS will be reassuring residents about the well-planned policing operation which is already in place for Bulldog Bash 2012 as the mobile police station visits villages near to the event.

Local Safer Neighbourhood Sergeant, PS 0542 Bob Shaw said “The event has already been raised at community forums in the area but two specific Bulldog Bash surgeries have also been planned for Wednesday 8 August.

Both Bulldog Bash surgeries will be hosted by PCSOs Hayley Ditchburn and Andy Steventon, from the Local Safer Neighbourhood Team. The first will be held between 6-7pm on 8 August outside Lower Quinton Post Office and the second will be held between 7-8pm on 8 August outside Long Marston Post Office.

“We would encourage local residents to attend, as this is an opportunity to raise any questions or concerns about the Bulldog Bash event or to find out more about the policing operation.”

During the event, we will have officers on mobile patrol around the villages so please take the opportunity to speak to your local Safer Neighbourhood Team about any issues you’d like to raise.

Speaking about the policing of the event, Deputy Chief Constable Neil Brunton said: “The vast majority of people attending Bulldog Bash are decent law-abiding motorcyclists or music fans and we hope that everyone has a most enjoyable and safe experience. Warwickshire Police is keen to engage with those attending the event, as well as residents and people passing through the area and we will do everything we can to protect people from harm and loss.

“This years policing operation is designed to be proportionate to the overall threat assessment and will remain flexible to deter criminal activity and our enforcement activity will be intelligence led to target those intent on causing harm.”

Anyone who wishes to speak to local officers about the policing of this event and who does not wish to attend one of the drop-in sessions, should contact the safer neighbourhood team on 01789 444670 or e-mail the team at shipston.snt@warwickshire.police.uk