Council elections: All the results from Rugby wards

The victorious Conservatives at last night's count at the Benn Hall
The victorious Conservatives at last night's count at the Benn Hall

The Conservative Party dominated the county council election in Rugby while the two borough council by-elections were held by their respective parties.

The Tories won seven out of the 10 Warwickshire County Council seats up for grabs, Labour won two in central Rugby and Liberal Democrats group leader Jerry Roodhouse won in Eastlands ward.

For Rugby Borough Council, Coton & Boughton was held by the Conservatives with Sebastian Lowe winning, and New Bilton was kept by Labour candidate Mike Brader.

Here are the comprehensive results from the 10 Rugby divisions in the Warwickshire County Council election:

Admirals & Cawston – 31.82 per cent turnout

BARRETT Judith Helen (Green): 103 votes

BUTLIN Peter James (Con): 1,412 votes

CHASE Lee Martin (Lib Dem): 227 votes

MCGOWAN Frank (UKIP): 144 votes

MISTRY Ian (Lab): 822 votes

Benn – 25.5 per cent turnout

BLISS Graham William (Green): 137 votes

HULL Charlie (Con): 502 votes

TRIMBLE Hugh Dunlop (Lib Dem): 189 votes

WAKELIN Marian Elizabeth Ellen (Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition): 68 votes

WEBB Alan Charles (Lab): 1,054 votes

Bilton & Hillside – 43.83 per cent turnout

AVIS Howard Mark (Lab): 446 votes

CROWLEY Kate (Green): 151 votes

KAUR Kam (Con): 1,691 votes

NEW Noreen Coral Marion (Lib Dem): 1146 votes

Brownsover & Coton Park – 28.52 per cent turnout

PERRIER Jerome Vincent (Lib Dem): 167 votes

REYNOLDS Peter Stephen (Green): 153 votes

SIMPSON-VINCE Jill Beverley (Con): 1,007 votes

WEBB Mary Jean (Lab): 802 votes

Dunsmore & Leam Valley – 44.21 per cent turnout

HARRISON James Nicholas (Green): 145 votes

HUGHES Bob (Lab): 434 votes

ROBERTS Howard David (Con): 2,636 votes

SLINN Laura Jane (Lib Dem): 294 votes

Earl Craven – 32.76 per cent turnout

BIRCH John Edward (UKIP): 168 votes

PRIOR Scott (Lab): 580 votes

ROCK Felicity Imogen (Green): 143 votes

TIMMS Heather Mary (Con): 1,735 votes

Eastlands – 37.12 per cent turnout

MEESON Tony (Con): 745 votes

RODERICK Ellie (Green): 99 votes

ROODHOUSE Jerry (Lib Dem): 1,584 votes

WESTON Matt (Lab): 507 votes

Fosse – 35.74 per cent

BROWN Kieren Richard George (Lab): 626 votes

TRIMBLE Trisha (Lib Dem): 260 votes

WARWICK Adrian David (Con): 2,188 votes

WISEMAN Peggy (Green): 129 votes

Hillmorton – 43.84 per cent turnout

DAHMASH Yousef (Con): 1,625 votes

ELLIS Jim (Lab): 739 votes

MACHIN Julie-Ann (Green): 116 votes

MCQUEEN Craig John William (Lib Dem): 426 votes

New Bilton & Overslade – 28.55 per cent turnout

LAST Sara Elizabeth (Con): 715 votes

O’ROURKE Maggie (Lab): 1,019 votes

SANDISON Neil James (Lib Dem): 333 votes

SANDISON Roy Leonard (Green): 111 votes

WEEKES Julie Dawn (Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition): 44 votes

Here are the results in the two Rugby Borough Council by-elections in Coton and Boughton and New Bilton:

Coton & Boughton – 29.67 per cent turnout

LOWE Sebastian (Con): 809 votes

PERRIER Jerome (Lib Dem): 120 votes

REYNOLDS Peter (Green): 89 votes

WEBB Alan (Lab): 533 votes

New Bilton – 25.87 per cent turnout

BRADER Mike (Lab): 784 votes

FEENEY Zoe (Con): 504 votes

SANDISON Roy (Green): 107 votes

TAFAZZAL Hossain (Lib Dem): 76 votes