All ten county council seats in Rugby remain in the same hands, while Conservatives increase countywide majority

All county council results are now in

Friday, 7th May 2021, 7:11 pm
Photo by David Lawrence, Local democracy reporter.

All ten county council seats in Rugby have been retained by the various political groups, while countywide the Conservatives have increased their majority.

The day has seen gains for Conservatives, Lib Dems and Greens - while Labour took a battering, with its leader and deputy leader losing their seats.

Local democracy reporter David Lawrence ( has been reporting live from the count today, relaying each result as it comes in.

The countywide results have seen the Conservatives increase their number of seats by six, while Labour lost four seats.

In Leamington Brunswick county council Labour group leader Helen Adkins lost her seat to the Green Party's Will Roberts.

And her deputy Dave Parsons also lost his Polesworth seat.

How many seats does each group hold in the county council?

Conservative 42 (36 in 2017)

Labour 6 (10 in 2017)

Liberal Democrats 5 (8 in 2017)

Greens 3 (2 in 2017)

Whitnash Residents' Association 1 (1 in 2017)

Here are Rugby's results in full.

Results for the Benn Ward.

Sarah Feeney held the Benn Ward for Labour.

Sarah Yvonne Elizabeth Feeney - Lab (1116 votes)

Dave Cranham - Con (684 votes)

Becca Stevenson - Green (326 votes)

Hugh Dunlop Trimble - Lib Dems (180 votes)

Results for Brownsover & Coton

Jill Simpson-Vince held Brownsover & Coton for the Conservatives.

Jill Simpson-Vince - Conservative (1321 votes)

Edward John Blackburn - Lib Dems (142)

Jim Ellis - Labour (1008)

Carrie Pailthorpe -

Green (165) Jamie Pullin - Libertarian (53)

Results for Dunsmore and Leam Valley Division:

Howard Roberts held Dunsmore and Leam Valley Division for the Conservatives.

Howard David Roberts - Conservative (1990 votes)

Bob Hughes - Labour (571 votes)

Lesley Mary Kennedy-George - Lib Dem (210 votes)

Roy Leonard Sandison - Greens (255 votes)

Results for Eastlands:

Lib Dem Jerry Roodhouse retained his seat in Eastlands.

Jerry Roodhouse - Lib Dems (1554 votes)

Angie Dunne - Greens (178 votes)

Mark William Gore - Lab (522 votes)

Heidi Maria Thomas - Con (827 votes)

Results for Earl Craven Division

Conservative Heather Timms held her seat in Earl Craven Division.

Heather Timms - Con (1,938 votes)

Richard Harrington - Lab (633 votes)

Lesley Summers - Green (447 votes)

Results for Hillmorton Division:

Conservative Yousef Dahmash held his seat for Hillmorton Division

Yoursef Dahmash - Con (1,615 votes)

Sean Baulk - Lab (678 votes)

Noreen New - Lib Dem (456 votes)

Robert Beggs - Green (184 votes)

Results for Bilton and Hillside Division:

Kamaljit Kaur held Bilton and Hillside Division for the Conservatives.

Kamaljit Kaur - Con (1,680 votes)

Stephen Pimm - Lib Dem (1,215 votes)

Results for New Bilton and Overslade Division:

Barbara Brown held New Bilton and Overslade Division for Labour.

Barbara Brown - Lab (899 votes)

Sally Bragg - Con (753 votes)

Maralyn Pickup - Green (232 votes)

Results for Admirals and Cawston Division:

Peter Butlin held Admirals and Cawston Division for the Conservatives

Peter Butlin - Con (1,577 votes)

Ishvarlal Mistry - Lab (965 votes)

Catherine Crowley - Green (209 votes)

Results for Fosse Division:

Adrian David held Fosse Division for the Conservatives.

Adrian Warwick - Con (2,404 votes)

Kieren Brown - Lab (849 votes)

Mark Summers - Green (305 votes)

Patricia Trimble - Lib Dem (225 votes)

The results for the borough council elections are expected tomorrow, with the police and crime commissioner results expected on Monday.