Rugby council says handling Biart Place and Rounds Gardens is one of the biggest challenges it has ever faced

A spokesperson for Rugby Borough Council said handling the regeneration of Biart Place and Rounds gardens is one of the biggest challenges the council has ever faced.

Monday, 10th February 2020, 10:42 am
Updated Monday, 10th February 2020, 10:43 am
The blocks at Biart Place.

The line came after the council announced it is has been shortlisted for a prestigious the Council of the Year Award at the UK Housing Awards over its handling of the regeneration.

Cllr Emma Crane, Rugby Borough Council portfolio for communities and homes, said: "The decision to move all the tenants out of Biart Place and Rounds Gardens, and find the tenants new homes while starting work on plans to regenerate both sites presented the council with one of the biggest challenges it has ever faced.

"However, from the start, the safety and welfare of our tenants has guided our decision-making and I'm proud of the way the council has risen to the challenge.

"While we're obviously very pleased to have made the shortlist for the Council of the Year Award at the UK Housing Awards, we know the hard work has only just begun when it comes to delivering these regeneration projects and building modern council homes for our tenants and affordable housing for our residents.

"However, what we have achieved so far shows we're ready for the challenges which lie ahead and can successfully finish what we've started."

Rugby council is one of seven authorities to be shortlisted for the award, with the winner being announced at London's Grosvenor Hotel on Thursday May 7.

The project the demolish and redevelop both Biart Place and Rounds Gardens came after surveys revealed they were both of poor construction and could pose a risk to residents.

In the case of Biart Place, the council concluded its options were to spend around £20 million refurbishing the flats or around £23 million demolishing them and building new homes on the site.

For Rounds Gardens, refurbishment costs were £30 million while demolishing the flats and building new homes was estimated to cost £28 million.

Neither of the estimates included other costs, including up to £10,000 compensation to each household for being moved out.

But the council decided that in both cases it was ultimately more economical to demolish all the blocks and build new homes.

All 124 households at Biart Place have been emptied and demolition work has already begun.The exact plans for new homes at the sites are not yet clear, but Rugby council previously said new council homes were likely be built on the site of Biart Place.Councillors previously said 221 ‘modern and aspirational’ council homes will be built on the site of Rounds Gardens.