Rugby group joins London People's Vote march

Image provided by People's Vote Rugby.
Image provided by People's Vote Rugby.

Members of People’s Vote Rugby travelled to London on March 23 to take part in a march to call for a second referendum on the Brexit process.

56.7 per cent of Rugbeians who responded to the 2016 referendum voted to leave the EU, but a spokesperson for People’s Vote Rugby said Parliament is currently in a ‘dysfunctional’ state, much has changed since 2016 and the public must have the chance to have their say.

The spokesperson said: "We feel that if Parliament cannot decide between the various options, including remaining on the EU, then we, the people, should help them.

"We want them to offer us a choice between realistic and practicable options so that we can confirm our preferred way forward.

“We marched for three or so hours through the London streets in an atmosphere that was friendly and peaceful, and with gentle good-humour we calmly but firmly made our point.

"Eventually we got to Parliament Square in time to hear some of the final speakers as we raised our banner by the statue of Sir Winston Churchill; all in the hope that reasonable and common sense will prevail so that the country can stop going around in diminishing circles and we can all move on.”

Some involved with the march claim that a million people attended it. But independent factchecking charity ‘Full Fact’ consulted crowd-counting experts and estimated that the figure was actually between 312,000 and 400,000 people.