Rugby leave voters 'furious' over Brexit votes in Parliament

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Leave voters in Rugby have been left ‘furious’ following the series of votes in Parliament which saw MPs reject the prospect of a ‘no-deal’ Brexit and back a delay to leaving the EU.

Rugby MP Mark Pawsey took part in a series of non-binding votes over Brexit held in Parliament last week.

He voted in favour of Theresa May’s Brexit deal, against exiting with no deal and backed a short delay to Brexit to agree legislation.

Mrs May’s deal was voted down for a second time, while a majority of MPs voted against a no-deal and in favour of a delay to leaving the EU.

In a letter written to constituents, Mr Pawsey, who advocated that we remain in the EU during the referendum, said he will continue to back Mrs May’s negotiated deal as he feels it is best for business and for his constituents.

In 2016, 56.7 per cent of Rugbeians voted to leave the EU.

Rugby councillor Lisa Parker, speaking in her capacity as a Leave campaigner and not as a councillor, said: “Rugby Leave voters are furious.

“Furious that their democratic mandate is being ignored by recalcitrant Remainers who stood for election on a manifesto to uphold their wishes but have done everything they possibly can to undermine the UK’s negotiating stance with the ultimate aim of stopping Brexit.

“Remain MPs who have forced us to this position may not be answerable to members of their own parties but they will be answerable to voters at the next election.

“We better hope that as politicians and party members we can convince people that their vote does matter, because after the biggest democratic mandate in history and the shameful scenes in Parliament to nullify it, who could blame anyone for believing that it doesn’t?”

The news comes after members of Rugby Conservative Association unsuccessfully attempted to enact a vote of no confidence against Mr Pawsey over an alleged ‘betrayal’ over Brexit.