Rugby MP explains public sector pay cap amendment vote

Rugby MP Mark Pawsey in the House of Commons NNL-170702-114528001
Rugby MP Mark Pawsey in the House of Commons NNL-170702-114528001

Rugby’s MP Mark Pawsey explained why he voted against an amendment criticising the Queen’s Speech for not having the cap on public sector pay lifted.

Labour’s amendment was defeated in the House of Commons on Wednesday (June 28).

Mr Pawsey said in response to an Advertiser request for clarification on his vote: “Regrettably Labour chose to play politics during the Queen’s Speech knowing full well that their amendment, even had it succeeded, would not have led to any changes in respect of the public sector pay cap.

“It was gesture politics by Labour as this was not a vote on primary legislation and it is unfortunate that they are choosing to mislead people in this way.

“What is clear is that this is a concern for many people and independent public sector pay bodies are making recommendations on public sector pay to the Government which will respond later in the year.

“The Government is listening and understands the sacrifices that hard-working people have made to help deal with Labour’s debts, including public sector workers.

“We must look at the recommendations when they are brought forward whilst also ensuring that whatever action is taken we continue to protect jobs and our economy.

“We simply cannot repeat the last Labour Government’s reckless spending that plunged our country into such massive debt in the first place.”