Primetime TV slot for Rugby agent Caroline

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Caroline Newman, property expert and director of Newman Sales & Lettings in Rugby, gives her expertise to a couple on primetime TV tonight (Thursday).

She was approached by ITV1 to offer specialist advice and guidance to a couple on whether the option of investing in property to rent out is a good idea. The feature on the Tonight programme follows Robert O’Callaghan and Carolyn Busfield of Churchover as they explore the possibility of investing in bricks and mortar versus keeping the money in the bank.

Caroline shows Robert and Carolyn two different types of property - new versus old - and explains everything they need to know about buying investment property and the pitfalls to look out for.

While the programme will only cover a brief insight into their journey, Caroline spent many hours educating them on how to be ‘clued up’ landlords.

Caroline said: ‘Over the past two years we have seen a tremendous increase in young people converting from first-time buyers to first-time renters. The rental market has boomed and, given the current property market, it has never been a better time for people to invest in bricks and mortar. Supply basically needs to meet demand.”

Tonight airs at 7.30pm.

If you would like to benefit from free professional advice, Caroline can be contacted on 01788 820028 or via