Prisoner who punched guard had no '˜regret or remorse'

A thug who likes to have his attacks captured on cameras, has admitted assaulting a prison guard.

Tuesday, 7th June 2016, 4:04 pm
Updated Tuesday, 7th June 2016, 5:07 pm
The case was heard by Exeter magistrates. NNL-160706-163936001

Shane Nicholson asked if there was a camera on before he hit the officer with a single punch.

The 36-year-old was originally jailed in 2006 for repeatedly stabbing his ex partner on the doorstep of Rugby police station – an attack also captured on the station’s CCTV.

Nicholson was given an indefinite prison sentence for that attack and told by a judge he should serve at last 30 months before being considered for release – but a court heard he is still behind bars 11 years after the stabbing incident in November 2005.

Nicholson yesterday, Monday, admitted causing actual bodily harm to the prison officer at Exeter Jail last November as he being moved to a different wing.

The thug told Exeter magistrates court:”I am on an indefinite prison sentence. I was given 30 months eleven years ago. I cannot get out of jail. I am stuck.”

He punched the officer in the Exeter prison leaving him with a cut lip and a front tooth that was knocked back.

The violent inmate said:“I don’t have regret or remorse. If I had the opportunity again I would knock all his teeth out.”

He claimed prison staff did not have their body cameras on during the wing transfer and claimed in court that he was assaulted by the staff who punched him in his head.

“They did not want to show what they did.

“The other camera was a set-up. I was in handcuffs and provoked and I hit him,” he said.

Nicholson, who is now in Long Lartin jail in Worcestershire, launched the premeditated attack after ‘he enquired whether the incident was being filmed’, said prosecutor Lyndsey Baker.

The magistrates committed him to Worcester Crown Court for sentencing – in custody.

He laughed as he said:”Can I have bail ? What a fiasco.”

Nicholson’s ex partner suffered wounds to her stomach, head, forearm and hand in the knife attack in 2005.

He admitted causing her gbh with intent and was given the indefinite sentence for the protection of the public.