Proposals could see 'reckless' cyclists in Rugby town centre handed fines by police officers and street wardens

Rugby council is inviting residents to have their say on proposed orders that could see council and police officers given the power to hand fixed penalty fines to reckless cyclists in the pedestrianised area of the town centre

Monday, 26th November 2018, 4:24 pm
Updated Tuesday, 8th January 2019, 8:58 pm
Chapel Street - part of the pedestrianised section of the town centre.

Cllr Neil Sandison of Rugby's Eastlands ward, which comprises much of the pedestrianised area of the town centre, told the Advertiser he has witnessed people being put in danger because of incidents of anti-social and reckless cycling in the town.

He said the order would be applied to: "Those who are acting in a stupid way and doing idiotic things which place people in danger."

A PSPO covering the consumption of intoxicating substances in parts of the town centre is already in place.

Cllr Sandison added that police already have powers to deal with reckless cyclists, and he has seen officers stop and talk with such people, but a key benefit of the PSPO would be to give Rugby's council wardens the power to deal with problem cyclists as well.

"Someone who is cycling in the right way need not worry - so if you come into town on your bike to do some shopping you won't have a problem with this," Cllr Sandison said.

The proposal was made after a group of councillors in Rugby examined how Public Spaces Protection Orders (PSPOs) could help to combat anti-social behaviour in the borough.

They held an online public consultation and set up 'listening posts' in the town centre - where they spoke with residents to identify problems to be targeted.

Another proposal could see the existing order on dog control renewed and tightened - with a new restriction requiring dog owners to carry a means of picking up dog mess when walking a dog in a public place.

Additionally, the order covering the taking intoxicating substances in the town centre could be altered to include a wider area.

Residents can also comment on plans to tackle anti-social behaviour at Newbold Quarry Nature Reserve by replacing the bylaws currently in place at the area with a PSPO.

For more information on the proposed PSPOs, and to take part in the consultations, click here.The consultations end at 5pm on Thursday, January 3.