Pupils teach parents about parking outside Rugby schools

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Children at a school in Brownsover are helping to spread the message of traffic safety to parents.

Staff and pupils at Brownsover Community School shared their concerns with Rugby MP Mark Pawsey on Monday.

MP Mark Pawsey with children at Brownsover Community School

MP Mark Pawsey with children at Brownsover Community School

He met with young school council members and saw first hand problems being caused by motorists, including blocking the entrance to the school, double parking and leaving cars over people’s drives.

Community liaison at the Webb Drive school, Karen Crane, said: “I think these problems are very common to most schools.

“Sometimes it’s hard to park close to the school. We have seen a lot of double parking going on and people even parked over the school gates.”

She said the safety of the children comes first.

“It’s something we are very concerned about,” Karen added.

“A lot of this is just about consideration. It’s not just the children’s safety we are worried about, it’s the parents too. We have found the children are educating their parents so we are really hoping this goes in.”

She said members of the school council have been questioning parents about their parking habits as part of a traffic survey in a bid to highlight the issue.

The MP has written to every school in the Rugby area requesting they send out a letter to parents.

“I’m delighted to say Brownsover Community School has already done this,” he said.

“Parents need to put a bit of thought in before they park.”

Mr Pawsey said residents living near schools want to see an end to nuisance parking.

“Some residents have found themselves boxed in and parents use the excuse that they will only be a couple of minutes,” he said.

“A little further to walk a couple of times a day would do the children good.”