Putting a face to poverty in the Caribbean

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Rugby couple Iain and Carol Berry have come face to face with a girl they have been sponsoring in the Dominican Republic.

They began supporting young Marileydis, now 14, financially and through letters of encouragement when she was nine years old. They visited her on the Caribbean island last month.

Mr Berry said: “Poverty is so often faceless, but meeting Marileydis was a reminder that behind the statistics are real children and families. It was so encouraging to see how our support and encouragement has improved not only Marileydis’ life, but her family’s too.”

Mr and Mrs Berry have been sponsoring Marileydis through the charity Compassion, which works with local churches to reach impoverished children in communities with practical support and hope for the future. For more information, visit www.compassionuk.org or call 01932 836490.