Quake survivor recovers

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RUGBY man Dave Sutch has said he is recovering emotionally after being in the centre of Christchurch when the earthquake struck.

The 72-year-old, who is on holiday with his sister Linda Grant, said he is lucky to be alive after the quake shook the city.

Dave, of Portland Road, said: “We are OK now, but for the first 24 hours we couldn’t eat. We just didn’t feel hungry.

“It has affected us emotionally, especially thinking what might have happened, and also the aftershocks really got to us. How on earth people manage to stay there is beyond us.

“They are happening all the time. A recent one was pretty big.”

He said they are apprehensive about going into lifts and multi storey buildings now.

“I suppose that will be with us for sometime,” he said.

“We still have not heard about the car, only that it is still in the multi storey with some of our possessions in it.”

He said it hasn’t put them off travelling.

Dave added: “We are looking forward to coming home, but mainly to see family, not because of the earthquake.”