Raising a toast to golden Rugby couple

Ros and Ken Marks, formerly of The Crown in Newbold
Ros and Ken Marks, formerly of The Crown in Newbold

A couple who ran a popular village pub for 12 years celebrated 50 years of marriage yesterday.

Ken and Ros Marks, of Shakespeare Gardens, Rugby, met at a dance at Bilton Village Hall in 1961.

The former landlords of The Crown in Newbold were married at St Mark’s church in Bilton.

Mrs Marks, 69, said: “We met at a dance and Ken asked me on a date.

“It was the same village hall that my mum first met my dad in many years before.”

Before taking over the pub Mr Marks, 75, worked in a car factory and Mrs Marks had part-time jobs to fit around their three children.

The couple have seven grandchildren and a great-granddaughter who has just turned one.

Speaking of their time together, Mrs Marks said: “We’re fortunate to have had good, healthy children and we are very happy.

“We decided to run the pub as it was something I’d always wanted to do so I talked Ken into it.

“We were there for 12 years and we made some wonderful friends who we still keep in touch with.”

When they aren’t spending time with their family, Mr Marks enjoys gardening and Mrs Marks likes to cook.

She said: “I’m not brilliant at it but I like to have a go.

“We look after our great-granddaughter a couple of times a week as well and it’s an absolute delight.

“She’s so lovely and it keeps us busy.”

Mrs Marks said they had made a good team over the years and could rely on each other. She said: “I think working together and sharing things is really important.

“We’ve shared work, the kids, everything over the years and that’s the best way to do it.”

The couple will be celebrating their anniversary with a get-together with friends and family on Saturday.