Rare albino squirrel at Draycote Water is all white

editorial image

With only a few weeks until Halloween, a ghost white albino squirrel has taken up residence at Draycote Water.

Albino squirrels are rare in the UK - with just one in every 100,000 born albino – meaning it is one of 50 in Britain.

Chairman of the Rugby Group of Warwickshire Wildlife Trust, Stephen Batt, photographed the squirrel (pictured).

He said: “I regularly visit Draycote Water and this is the first time I have ever seen an albino squirrel. Although they are related to the common grey squirrel, they are incredibly rare and are white all over with bright pink eyes.

“The squirrel doesn’t have the same natural camouflage as its grey cousins but is certainly very quick on its feet, so you can miss seeing it darting through the trees and undergrowth.”