Reading success at school

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Staff and pupils at Hillmorton Primary School have received an award for consistently high reading standards.

They received the Reading Recovery Consistently High Standards Award from Professor Michael Arthur, Provost of University College London.

The awards celebrated the 25 year achievement of the Institute of Education’s Reading Recovery Centre in helping hundreds of thousands of children with complex literacy difficulties to learn how to read.

Professor Arthur said: “Children who are helped through Reading Recovery have won a golden ticket to the rest of their lives. I am proud to present these awards to the children and the teachers who have helped them to learning how to read.”

Each year approximately 20 per cent of children leave primary school not able to read adequately.

As they enter secondary school around 120,000 children struggle with their education because they are not at their expected reading age. Many of these children come from the poorest sections of our society.

Over 25 years, the Reading Recovery Centre has trained over 8,000 teachers to help children learn to read.

This has resulted in 20 million new books being read by children who have taken part in the scheme.

Research shows that a 20 week Reading Recovery course ensures that 85 per cent of six year old children will move from being the lowest achievers in their class to catching up with their peers.