Recycle your royal wedding party rubbish

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RUGBY residents are being encouraged to recycle tins, cans and glass bottles instead of sending them to landfill after the royal wedding celebrations on Friday.

With many Royal wedding parties and barbeques being planned for the next bank holiday weekend, make the most of your kerbside recycling collection or the Household Waste Recycling Centres to recycle your wine and beer bottles along with your drink cans and plastic bottles, say Warwickshire Waste Partnership.

Glass sent to landfill will never rot away, but by recycling, it can be processed into more glass bottles and jars, construction products such as bricks and concrete blocks, ‘Glassphalt’ for road surfacing and processed sand.

For further information on recycling please visit Alternatively telephone Warwickshire County Council’s Waste Projects Team on (01926) 412458 or e-mail