Recycling rates on the up in Warwickshire

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NEARLY half of all waste in Warwickshire is now being recycled, as the latest figures show that rates are again on the rise.

According to 2011 statistics produced by the Warwickshire Waste Partnership, the overall household recycling and composting rate has increased from 48.1 per cent to 49.2 per cent.

Total household waste has reduced by 4,600 tonnes, or 1.7 per cent in the past year and the amount of household waste sent to landfill decreased by 9.3 per cent.

The annual report highlights how Warwickshire residents continue to recycle more and the total household waste per person has reduced by over three per cent.

The reason for the increase in recycling is attributed to an upsurge in people composting their leftovers.

Cllr Helen Walton, Warwickshire County Council’s spokesperson on waste management, said: “A big thank you must go to households in the county for continuing to do their bit for the environment by sending more waste for recycling and doing more composting this year.

“By increasing the amount of household waste recycling, residents will effectively be saving themselves money because less will be spent on sending it to landfill, which is now very expensive for local authorities to do.

“We are pleased with the latest figures and retain strong ambitions to continue to increase the rate and recycle even more in Warwickshire next year.”

Warwickshire County Council continues to run many successful waste minimisation initiatives under the Recycle for Warwickshire banner. They include the Love Food Hate Waste campaign, home composting, junk mail and the home wood chipping service.