Rescuers struggling to deal with deluge of dumped pets

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A RECORD number of dogs are being dumped in Rugby due to growing financial pressures on their owners.

Rescue centres are struggling to cope with the number of animals that have arrived in the last month.

Workers at Rugby Pawprints say as more dogs are being abandoned, the number of people rehoming rescue dogs has declined.

Founder Anita Twigger, who lives in Hillmorton, said: “It makes me very emotional and very angry.

“Never ever dump your dog - you are signing its death warrant if you do.”

She said the pre and post-Christmas rush was sadly expected - but has caused difficulties.

“Nothing could prepare us for this,” said Anita, of The Kent.

“It’s so sad and the amount of dogs being dumped in Rugby is definitely at an all-time high. I’m sure it’s down to the economic climate and people’s pets having issues like being destructive, separation anxiety or training problems.”

The situation is also down to overbreeding, with some owners finding themselves with too many animals to sell and dumping them as a result.

Anita said pounded dogs are usually only given seven days before they are either rehomed or put down.

“We’re here to help and if people are having problems with their dog, please get in touch,” she added.

Rugby Pawprints was created initially as a Facebook group to help in the search of lost and stolen dogs and to promote responsible dog ownership within the area.

Hundreds of people have joined the group to create a thriving network of people in Rugby all working to rehome dogs on death row.

New homes have been found for 36 dogs since it launched last year. For more information telephone (01788) 567502.