Resistance isn’t futile at Rugby’s Vault

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This Wednesday (March 6) the Vault will host the second Open Resistance event featuring music, spoken work, film and other performances.

The line up includes The Anteloids, resident soundsmith ‘freqstep’, Marioneth Hammond from Rugby Writers and DJ, plus legendary film Let’s All Make Love in London. Pete Thornley, spokesperson for the event said: “After the success of our first night Open Resistance is building its reputation.

“March 6 will feature multi media band The Anteloids, who have just released their new CD and are regularly gigging in London and the region, plus other surprises. Expect to be shocked and surprised in equal measures.”

Callum Orzechowski of the Vault, said: “The Vault was knocked out by Open Resistance opening night attendance and by the extremes and quality of the performers.

The night starts at 7.30pm.