Respected clairvoyant Steve will be passing on messages from beyond the grave when he visits Rugby

Steve will be contacting the spirit world when he visits Rugby.
Steve will be contacting the spirit world when he visits Rugby.

Respected clairvoyant Steve Holbrook will be passing on messages ‘from beyond the grave’ when he hosts an event in Rugby.

The ex-hairdresser said his ability started from behind the salon chair and he now appears at theatres and hotels all over the world.

Steve will be at Rugby Hotel on Tuesday, November 24, at 7.30pm.

He says he always felt from a young age that life existed beyond the grave, saying he once awoke to find five soldiers marching through his bedroom, but could only see the top half of them floating through the room.

Steve said: “This was very unnerving experience, but it was to give me an early glimpse of what was to come, and now it’s as natural as breathing to me.”

He started work in Leeds city centre in a busy hairdressing salon, and believes the years he spent behind the chair, having personal contact with the customers, stimulated an ability to hear the voices of spirits.

He said customers would come in and book their haircut, but often got more than they bargained for when he passed on a message from their loved one.

Steve was often the busiest stylist, and had a six-week waiting list for customers.

He said: “I often wonder if they kept coming back for my ability as a hair stylist, or the possibility that they might receive a message from a relative who had passed away!”

He now gives messages of re-assurance to people who have lost their loved ones, and he says by communicating with them, he helps them 
understand that life continues, “but in a different dimension”.

He said one lady’s mother came through to her in one of his messages, and said to the daughter: “Don’t forget the brown Prada handbag on Friday”.

The lady replied: “I’m putting it in my mum’s coffin on Friday, she only died five days ago”.

One of Steve’s best friends is Jane MacDonald, singer and co-presenter on ITV’s Loose Women. He met Jane in a spiritualist Church many years ago, and said he predicted she would be on television as part of a cruise entertainment documentary.

Tickets for the Rugby event are £17 on 01536 506123.