REVEALED: How each secondary school fared as Warwickshire ranked '˜above average' in new school league tables

New league tables showing how much progress pupils have made at secondary schools across Warwickshire have been published today (Thursday January 25).

Thursday, 25th January 2018, 12:14 pm
Updated Thursday, 25th January 2018, 12:32 pm
New league tables comparing secondary schools have been released

For the first time, schools are now being judged by a 'Progress 8' score, which measures how much progress pupils have made at school compared to pupils at other schools who achieved similar Key Stage 2 results.

Any score above 0 indicates the school is performing better than average.

The new measurement puts Stratford Girls' Grammar School at the top with a score of 0.74, while King Edward VI School was second with 0.68. Both are performing 'well above average'.

The highest-ranked comprehensive schools are Campion School and Kenilworth School, which both had a Progress 8 score of 0.54.

The worst performing schools according to their Progress 8 score included the special school Round Oak in Warwick, which scored -1.57. Bilton School in Rugby also fared somewhat poorly, with a score of -0.38.

Overall, Warwickshire scored 0.06 overall in Progress 8 - rated as ‘above average’ compared to other schools in the country. For all state funded schools in England, the average score is -0.03.

The full league table of secondary schools in Warwickshire can be seen here