Road crashes in Rugby are on the rise

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The total number of reported road accidents in Rugby rose last year to the highest figure since 2009.

There were 307 reported in 2012 – up from 271 the previous year and 261 in 2010.

Some 410 people were injured, which again is more than any year since 2009.

But the number of accidents in which people were killed or seriously injured fell to 48 from 54 the previous year.

And the figures for the county were more encouraging still, with the total number of reported road casualties in falling for the fifth consecutive year to reach the lowest number on record. There were reductions in the number of deaths or serious injuries amongst, cyclists, car occupants, older road users and 16-24 year old drivers and passengers.

Cllr Richard Hobbs, the county councillor responsible for road safety, said the authority’s education programmes were partly responsible for the reductions but added: “We need to work hard to address the areas where we have experienced increases.