Road near school is putting children at risk, warns dad

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A BILTON man says it’s only a matter of time before someone is killed near where he lives because of motorists using the area like a race track.

Anthony Georgeson said he fears for his children’s lives because there is inadequate street lighting and careless driving in the Lawford Lane area.

Two pedestrians have been involved in accidents in recent weeks.

Mr Georgeson, of Lawford Lane, said: “One was a friend of my daughter’s and she is lucky to be alive.

“She was crossing the road with friends at the junction of Frobisher Road and Lawford Lane when the accident happened. Motorists use the road like a racetrack - something has to be done before someone is killed.”

The concerned father said lighting is a problem and that the girl was fortunate to escape with minor injuries.

A second girl was injured after she was struck by a car in Lawford Lane.

Mr Georgeson added: “I was shocked when I heard someone had been hurt but I can’t really say I was surprised.”

He has been in touch with Warwickshire County Council to see what can be done, and plans to get in touch with Bilton School, which is in Lawford Lane.”

He said drivers speed on the roads and don’t pay enough attention to pedestrians and other motorists.

“What the area really needs is a pelican crossing,” said Mr Georgeson.

A WCC spokesperson said: “We have received a request to investigate for a puffin crossing on Lawford Lane near Frobisher Road, which has been added to a list to be investigation.

“However, it should be noted that these types of scheme are funded from the Transport Capital Programme and funds for this budget are currently very limited and will remain so for the foreseeable future”.