Roast beef and pork steak on free school dinner menu in Rugby

Parental fines for school absences has spiralled by 61%
Parental fines for school absences has spiralled by 61%

Free school meals are being offered to all children in Warwickshire schools in the reception, Year 1 and Year 2 year groups from this September - and the food is a long way from soggy semolina and burnt baked beans.

The menu includes roast beef and Yorkshire pudding, chicken pie, pork loin steak and apple sauce, cauliflower and broccoli bake and much more besides.

Warwickshire County Council’s caterers have worked closely with the Soil Association’s Food for Life project in creating the menu, achieving a silver catering mark.

This guarantees that the menus used in Warwickshire schools use a selection of local, seasonal and organic ingredients, are free from endangered fish, and include meat and dairy products from farms with good standards of animal welfare.

The new free school meals have been made possible thanks to the Department for Education’s Universal Infant Free School Meals programme.

There are also some exciting events being planned already for the coming school year including the Food for Life Roast Dinner Day in November, December’s festival Christmas lunches, and special plans for March 5, 2015 for World Book Day.

Cllr Colin Hayfield, the county councillor responsible for education and learning, said: “Free school meals are a great platform to provide a good habit in eating healthily, understanding more about food and improving learning opportunities.”

Cllr Bob Hicks, the council’s overview and scrutiny chairman for children and young people, added: “A healthy lunch for children is shown to help learning and development. I’m delighted that all Warwickshire schools will now be offering free lunches to children in reception, Year 1 and Year 2, at this critical stage in their development.”

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