Rocker reunites 'hellraisers' Black Widow for one last shot

A FORMER controversial rock star who now works as a care home worker is hoping to bring back one of the most hellraising bands of the 1970s for one final fling.

Clive Jones, from Dunchurch, was part of the infamous Black Widow, who were banned from many venues for their black magic performances on stage.

Now more than 30 years on, some of the band have reformed and released another album - and they may even go back on tour if things take off.

Black Widow has continued to gain worldwide cult status over the years for their mock sacrifices of naked women on stage and summoning the devil during gigs.

And Black Sabbath, who were the band's friends and yet musical rivals during the 1970s, will be helping with the latest album with singing from lead singer Tony Martin.

The music has all been recorded and is now being put together for release in the near future.

Since his rock and roll days, Clive - who played the saxophone, flute and wrote songs - took on a completely different lifestyle and went on to become a part-time care home worker for Crossroads in Rugby. He now lives in Buccleugh Close, Dunchurch.

He said: "I have experience because I have done the ultimate care job - I had to put Ozzy Osbourne to bed!"

But after realising that Black Widow still had a worldwide following, he has now decided to reform the band and release another album - the band's sixth in total.

"I have always kept the band's name alive and I want to go back to the black magic days," he said.

"The BBC wouldn't play our songs and we were banned from a lot of places, with the media telling people not to go to our shows.

"But as you can imagine, that made even more people come! Vicars would turn up with crosses at our gigs."

One of the band's highlights was playing in front of 600,000 people at the famous Isle of Wight festival, which also featured Jimmi Hendrix and Bob Dylan.

The band's most famous song was controversial 'Come to the Sabbat' - which is still played across the world - and the new album will include a long-awaited follow-up to this song.

Clive has kept his hand in the music industry since his heady rock days by writing for bands.

This year, he has had success with a pop song made up of Abba song titles - which unsurprisingly was taken on successfully by Swedish band The Airwaves.

Some of his music has also appeared in films and this year he will be touring with Propagandhi.

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